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SUN SPARCstation 5

  SPARCstation 5
      Processor(s):   microSPARC II @ 70MHz, 85MHz, 110MHz;
                      57.0/64.0/? SPECint92, 47.3/54.6/? SPECfp92,
                      1352/1518/? SPECintRate92, 1122/1295/? SPECfpRate92
      Bus:            SBus
      Memory:         256M physical
      Architecture:   sun4m
      Notes:          16M standard in 70MHz model, 32M standard in
                      85MHz model. 8 SIMM slots, 8M or 32M SIMMs,
                      mixable except that any 32M SIMMs must be in
                      slots before any 8M SIMMs. Code name "Aurora".
                      Uses SCA connectors (see Misc Q&A #29) for
                      internal SCSI drives. Socketed CPU chip.
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